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Officer’s Eagle Eye, Police Service Dog’s Olfactory Keenness Leads to Meth Arrest
Dec 05, 2017   10:53 AM

Philip S. Horton, a 39-year-old San Angelo man wanted for an outstanding arrest warrant for a narcotics charge out of Howard County, is facing additional narcotics charges after a late-night arrest. 

San Angelo Police Officer W. Bowhay was patrolling the area around the Econo Lodge Motel just before 11:00 p.m. last night when he noticed Horton, whom he knew to be wanted for a narcotics charge, in the motel’s parking lot standing by a blue pickup truck. 

Horton, who had since entered the truck, was arrested for the warrant and taken into custody without incident.  Having reasonable suspicion that narcotics may be inside the vehicle, Officer Bowhay requested K-9 Team Police Service Dog Xander and Officer J. Fincher to the scene to conduct an open-air, exterior sniff around Horton’s 1993 Chevrolet.  During the “sniff”, Xander alerted Officers to the presence of narcotics. 

Subsequent to the search of Horton’s vehicle and property, Officers located a small amount of marijuana, a quantity drug paraphernalia associated with the trafficking of narcotics, and a quantity of suspect methamphetamine.  

Horton was charged with Felony 1 Manufacture Delivery of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 and Class B Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana.  Horton was booked into the Tom Green County Jail without incident. 


LIDAR Traffic Operation Targets Leading Complaint Zone
Nov 30, 2017   09:06 AM

Yesterday, the San Angelo Police Department’s Traffic Section conducted a School Zone Traffic Enforcement Operation utilizing LIDAR in the 1700 block of Edmund Boulevard, which is a leading complaint zone for the city. 

Police issued a total of forty-nine (49) citations during the operation.  The highest speed recorded from a violator before the school zone was active was 47 MPH.  The highest speed recorded from a violator after the school zone became active was 43 MPH.  The posted speed limit along the location is 30 MPH.  Once the school zone becomes active, the speed limit is reduced to 20 MPH.  

Breakdown for citations:

Passing School Bus While Stop Sign Activated: 2

Driving While License Invalid: 3

Speeding in a School Zone: 17

Other/Misc. Violations: 10

No Insurance: 3

No Seat Belt: 1

Speeding: 13

Warnings: 9

All children should be able to walk or bike to and from class without fear of being hit by passing vehicles.  School zones are put in place to ensure the safety of children in and around schools. 

Tips for driving in and around school zones:

1) Recognize School Zones: Almost all school zones are preceded by numerous warning signs, flashing lights, and/or speed bumps.  Keep your eyes on the road and your mind on the task at hand at all times.

2) Reduce your speed: Be aware of an upcoming school zone so that you have time to safely reduce your speed without slamming on the brakes at the last minute.

3) Expect Increased Traffic: Expect increased traffic in and around school zones, especially between seven and nine in the morning and two and four in the afternoon.  Drive slowly and carefully during these times to keep students and parents safe.

4) Lookout for Buses: Yield right of way to buses at all times.  Make sure that you stop when their stop sign is deployed. 

5) Obey crossing guards, traffic officers, and law enforcement. 

Nothing is more precious than the life of a child.  The San Angelo Police Department is urging drivers to slow down, pay attention, and ensure the safety of students as they travel to and from school.  


San Angelo Police Department Welcomes New Chaplain
Nov 21, 2017   03:33 PM

Recently, the San Angelo Police Department welcomed its newest Police Chaplain, Gary Jenkins, to the Department.  Jenkins was sworn in by Police Chief Frank Carter in a private ceremony held in Chief Carter’s office.  Chaplain Jenkins was accompanied by his wife, Pastor Marcella Jenkins.  Jenkins was born in Kansas City, Missouri. 

A Vietnam War Veteran, Jenkins served in the United States Marine Corps.  During his military tenure Jenkins was assigned to President Richard Nixon’s Security Detail at Camp David as well as the White House from 1972-1973.  Jenkins currently works as a civilian Audio Video Specialist at Goodfellow Air Force Base.  

Jenkins is an ordained and licensed minister who received an honorary Doctorate from Covenant Christian College in North Carolina and holds a Bachelor of Science from Christian Leadership Bible College.  Currently, Jenkins presides as a Senior Pastor with Eagles Wings International Ministries.  

Jenkins joins seven other Department Chaplains who act as a resource for counseling for members of the agency and their families, and serve as a liaison with other clergy in the community.  They are called upon to deliver the invocation or benediction at public ceremonies as representatives of the police department and respond to crises situations when called upon.  




Suspect on Felony Bond Caught with Handgun during Vehicle Burglary Investigation in Sunset Mall Park
Nov 21, 2017   09:27 AM

A twenty-year-old San Angelo man out on bond for a Manslaughter charge was caught with a handgun yesterday afternoon in the Sunset Mall Parking lot, 4001 Sunset Drive. 

Xavior R. Arzola, 20, was detained for suspicious activity surrounding a vehicle’s car alarm that was going off in the parking lot in what appeared to be a vehicle burglary in progress.  Another subject, a twenty-year-old San Angelo man, was also detained but later released. 

During the investigation, the vehicle’s owners eventually exited the mall and advised Police that Arzola and the other man had consent to be in the vehicle; however, Police located a semi-automatic handgun where Arzola had been seated.     

Arzola was charged with Unlawful Carrying Weapon and was transported to the Tom Green County Jail without incident. 


Search Warrant Leads to Multiple Arrests
Nov 14, 2017   12:54 PM

Monday, November 13, 2017 — This afternoon, members of the San Angelo Police Department Street Crimes Division, along with partners from other agencies, executed a search warrant at a home in the 400 block of E. Harris Avenue.

A search of the residence was conducted and quantities of heroin, methamphetamine, paraphernalia, and packaging materials were all discovered.

Officers arrested the following subjects at the residence:

Albert Molina, 37 years of age, for Felony 2 Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 (heroin) and a City Warrant.

Raquel Rojas, 36 years of age, for Felony 1 Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 (methamphetamine), Class B Possession of Marijuana, and a County Warrant.

Manuel Irlas, 32 years of age, for State Jail Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 (methamphetamine) and State Jail Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 (morphine).


Irene Lara, 33 years of age, for a County Warrant.



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