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Press Release # 03142014(7) Felony Suspect Captured After Vehicle Pursuit
Mar 14, 2014   11:37 AM

Release #03142014(07)                                                         


 March 14, 2014  


 For Immediate Release                                                                   








Felony Suspect Captured After Vehicle Pursuit




At approximately 4:43 pm, March 13, 2014, San Angelo Public Safety Communications

received a 911 call about a Domestic Violence call at 7-11 Convenience Store, in

the 4300 Southwest Blvd.  Before officers could arrive, the male suspect and female victim

left the scene in a black 2010 Chevrolet Impala. 


At approximately 4:52 pm, March 13, 2014, San Angelo Public Safety Communications

received a 911 call about a Domestic Violence call involving the same male and

female in the area of Southwest Blvd. and Twin Mountain Dr.  Officers arrived on

scene and located the female victim at Southwest Blvd. and School House Dr.  The

suspect had left the scene before officers arrived.


At approximately 5:10 pm, March 13, 2014, San Angelo Police Officers located the

suspect vehicle in the 700 block of E. Avenue D.   The suspect refused to stop after Officers

initiated a traffic stop and activated their emergency lights and sirens. 


At approximately 5:12 pm, March 13, 2014, San Angelo Police Officers in pursuit of

vehicle see the suspect throw a handgun from the vehicle.  Officers immediately secured

the weapon, a .45 caliber handgun.


The pursuit continued from Avenue D through the east and north parts of town. 

At approximately 5:39 pm, March 13, 2014 the suspect drove into the alley of San Antonio

and Guadalupe, left the vehicle, and continued to flee on foot.  A perimeter is set up

and two K-9 units were called in to assist in tracking the suspect.  Officers located a small

child in the back seat of the vehicle and immediately secured the vehicle and provided

protection and assistance to the child.  The presence of the child was not known during the

pursuit.  The child is uninjured and released to the mother and original victim. 


The suspect was apprehended at approximately 7:21 pm in the 300 block of North

Jefferson and was arrested without further incident.  The suspect, identified as James

Allen Baimbridge (03.27.1983) was arrested for Abandoning or Endangering a Child,

and Evading Detention in a Vehicle.  Additional charges may be filed as the investigation



San Angelo Police Department Detectives are still actively investigating this criminal

episode and no further information is available at this time.

Baimbridge, James

Baimbridge, James 03.27.83

Press Release # 03122014(5) Suspect Arrested in Connection with Shooting
Mar 12, 2014   10:17 AM

For Immediate Release

Release #03122014(05)

March 12, 2014



A suspect has

been arrested in connection to a Shooting that occurred at Desiree's Gentleman's Club Monday

evening March 10, 2014.


Anthony Walters (02.27.85) of Wharton, Texas was arrested by San Angelo Police Detectives after locating

him at his job site in Big Lake on March 11, 2014 at approximately 4:00 pm.  Walters was transported to

the Reagan County Jail without incident.


On March 11, Detectives with the San Angelo Police Criminal Investigations Division continued to follow

up on witness statements from the shooting and obtained the Arrest Warrant for Walters in less than

24 hours after the incident. 


Walters went to Desiree's on the evening of the 10th where he and a friend were asked to leave the bar by

staff just prior to the shooting.  Walters then used a .45 caliber handgun to shoot at both the occupied

building and the vehicles in the parking are before leaving town. Walters spoke with Detectives while in

Big Lake and confessed to details of the shooting.   San Angelo Police Department Detectives located

spent .45 caliber shell casings in Walters vehicle as well as the handgun used in the shooting.  






Walters, Anthony

Walters, Anthony

Press Release # 03112014 (4) Burglary Foiled Suspect Caught
Mar 11, 2014   03:30 PM

  Release #03112014(04)


   March 11, 2014


   For Immediate Release



Burglary Foiled Suspect Caught



On Tuesday, March 11, 2013, at approximately 12:45 a.m., San Angelo Public Safety Communications received a 911 call regarding a burglary in progress at the 7-11 located in the 2800 block of College Hills Blvd.  A witness advised dispatch they saw an unknown male breaking a window at the business and was able to give a description of the suspect. 


San Angelo Police Patrol Officer Jason Hernandez arrived on scene and quickly located a man matching the description of the suspect hiding in the bushes on the College Hills West apartment complex.  Officer Hernandez exited his vehicle and announced himself as a police officer and the suspect ran from Officer Hernandez.    Officer Hernandez was able to quickly catch the suspect while still on the College Hills West property. 

Subsequent to the field investigation, it was determined the suspect attempted to gain entry to the 7-11 by breaking a window located on the front of the store with a rock.  The burglary attempt was unsuccessful as the window was damaged but did not break.    The man was identified as Santiago Garcia (12-26-1991) of San Angelo.

Garcia was arrested for Class A Criminal Mischief and Evading Detention on Foot and was transported to the Tom Green County Jail.



Garcia, Santiago
Garcia, Santiago 12.26.91
Press Release # 03112014(3) Shooting Incident in San Angelo
Mar 11, 2014   10:55 AM



March 11, 2014

       For Immediate Release          

On Monday, March 10, 2014 at approximately 11:20 p.m., San Angelo Public Safety Communications received a 911 call about a shooting at 300 W. Washington Dr. at Desiree's Gentleman's Club.  San Angelo Police Officers Martin and Garrett arrived quickly to secure the scene and to investigate further.    


Detectives with the San Angelo Police Department Criminal Investigations Division were called to the location for further investigation.  Subsequent to the field investigation, Officers located shell casings from a .45 caliber firearm in the roadway, as well as multiple holes in both the building and several vehicles in the parking lot.  It is believed 7 to 10 shots were fired during the incident.


Although rounds were fired toward and into the occupied building there were no injuries reported at the scene.

Deadly Conduct (PC 22.05) Discharging a firearm at or in the direction of a habitation, building, or a vehicle is a 3rd degree felony.


This is an ongoing investigation and no further information is available at this time. 



Crash Leads to Drug Arrest
Mar 05, 2014   02:35 PM


For Immediate Release

March 5, 2014

Release #030514(2)


March 4, 2014, at approximately 1 a.m. San Angelo Police Officer John Bouligny observed a vehicle that had hit the concrete barrier to the entrance ramp of Houston Harte Expressway West bound at 6th Street.  Officer Bouligny noticed the driver in the crash had left the vehicle and was not on scene. While conducting his investigation a male subject arrived and informed Officer Bouligny that the driver had gone to the McDonald's on N. Bryant and was waiting for a ride.


Officer Bouligny had other officers go the McDonald's and attempt to locate the driver and check on his condition. Officer Christopher Martin and Officer Emory McAndrews located the driver identified as Michael Coates (08/13/1972).  During the initial contact with Coates, he denied being the driver of the vehicle as well as being Michael Coates.

Officer Martin and McAndrews recognized Coates from previous San Angelo Police Department encounters with him; during a routine warrant search learned he had several outstanding warrants. He was taken into custody and while searching him, the officers located 2.1 grams of Methamphetamine as well as a small plastic bag of Marijuana weighing less than 2 ounces in his jacket pockets.   Coates was not injured in the crash, he denied anyone else being in the car with him at the time of the crash. The vehicle was removed from the ramp by a wrecker. 

Officer McAndrews gave Coates a ride to the jail where he was booked in on the following charges:

Possession of Controlled Substance-Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, a warrant for Possession of a prohibited weapon, a warrant for Possession of Marijuana (Go off Bound) and two Municipal Court warrants.

SAPD Case numbers: 2014-0002667 and A2014-0000512

Coates, Michael
Coates, Michael
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