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1995 Murder Christopher Shawn Hayes

The San Angelo Police Department’s Cold Case Section is seeking information regarding the 1995 murder of Christopher Shawn HAYES.    

On November 7, 1995, between 2010 hours and 2220 hours a person or persons entered Christopher Shawn HAYES 1818 Shady Hill Circle residence.  At approximately 2020 hours a female companion of Mr. HAYES (who was living at the residence) and her two small children arrived at the residence.  As she was maneuvering through the residence she encountered a masked male subject who was pointing a gun at her.

At approximately 2200 hours the female companion noticed car lights shinning on the house and heard a vehicle pulling up to the residence.  A few minutes later she heard a knock on one of the windows and then Mr. HAYES entered the residence through the front door.  Upon entering the residence Mr. HAYES was shot at least one time.  The female companion then heard the front door to the residence close and heard her vehicle start and drive off.  It is believed that the assailant drove her vehicle to another location where he switched vehicles (possibly near or at Lake Nasworthy).  It is believed that someone observed the male subject switching the vehicles and if they did this is information that could assist law enforcement in solving Mr. HAYES’ murder. 

How you can help:

If you have any information about this case please contact SAPD Cold Case Detectives at 325-657-4322 or email coldcase@sanangelopolice.org

You can submit Crime Stoppers tips online at http://sanangelocrimestoppers.com/ or use the P3 Mobile App or call 325-658-HELP